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FITS Day in ZSO!

On Wednesday, June 5th we organized a FITS Day in our school – Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica. On this beautiful, sunny day, participants of “Facilitating Inclusion Through Sports” Erasmus+ project took over the school sports facilities to present the project, its achievements and the Erasmus+ programme in general not only to our own school […]

Final Event of the 4th LTT!

On 29th March we organized a Final Event of our project – a large, international sporting presentation of project sports – floor hockey, cheerleading and rugby. It was the dissemination event summarising the whole “Facilitating Inclusion Through Sports” Erasmus+ project. FITS students and teachers, supported by our project partners – members of Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek […]

4th LTT event in Nidzica, day by day.

Day 1. 4th LTT event, “Everyone can play – Rugby”, has just started. The first day was really eventful. It started with Rugby training. FITS participants from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia spent three hours getting to know the sport under the supervision of professional coaches from Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby and Rugby Team Olsztyn. Everyone learned […]

TAG Rugby at P.E. lessons in ZSO Nidzica!

We are introducing TAG Rugby on P.E. lessons in ZSO Nidzica! P.E. Teacher and certified Rugby Instructor, Mr Krzysztof Łasiewicki, began introducing non-contact, TAG version of rugby to our students. Young people learned basic rules and regulations of the game, the types of gameplay and basic drills and techniques. Now they will be practicing their […]

Introducing rugby trainings in ZSO!

We are introducing rugby trainings at ZSO Nidzica! On 19.02 and 21.02 Polish FITS team, supervised by Mr Krzysztof Łasiewicki, participated in rugby training leds by Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby and Rugby Team Olsztyn. Everyone learned a lot, but also had plenty of fun!

Sports, Communication, Friendship, Physical Activity – lesson plans of Bulgarian partner.

Lesson plans created in two languages, English and Bulgarian, which are to help teachers all over Europe to promote physical activity among students, to help them communicate, avoid conflicts, understand others. Let’s do sports together. Sport as a way of communiaction. Let’s dance bg. Lesson plan by bulgaria. Let’s dance eng. lesson plan by Bulgaria […]