Slovak press media wrote about the FITS

The regional press media MY published the article about the end of the Erasmus+ projects at Pro scholaris. 

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FITS Day in ZSO!

On Wednesday, June 5th we organized a FITS Day in our school – Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica. On this beautiful, sunny day, participants of “Facilitating Inclusion Through Sports” Erasmus+ project took over the school sports facilities to present the project, its achievements and the Erasmus+ programme in general not only to our own school community, but also to our visitors – mainly students and teachers from other local schools in Nidzica and its surroundings. Members of school rugby, floor hockey and cheerleading teams, that were created in our school as a result of the project, presented their sports to the public and encouraged our guests to try them – everyone had plenty of fun 😊 Members of FITS Club introduced the objectives and framework of FITS project to the visitors. We were also honoured with the visit of Mr Marcin Paliński, the head of our municipal government, and Mr Ryszard Kumelski, the member of the Regional Council. It was a great chance to promote the project and Erasmus+ programme to our local and regional community and decision-makers.

Rugby workshop and friendly game with guests from Special Needs Educational Center!

On Monday, 3rd June ZSO and members of FITS project were once again visited by a group of students from the Special Needs Educational Center (Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy im. Ks. Jana Twardowskiego), along with their PE teacher, Mr Jacek Zieliński, for a tutorial and a friendly game of one of the project’s sports – rugby.

During the meeting, led by the members of  FITS Club, our guests learned the basic rules of TAG (non-contact) rugby, practiced proper passing techniques (individually and in teams) and rules of basic gameplay. The workshop ended with a short scrimmage between the mixed teams of our  guests and FITS members. Everyone had a lot of fun and our guests expressed the hope to work together and in the future 😊


The Slovak lesson plans

The Slovak teachers created a lesson plan about Social inclusion and Floorball in Slovak and in English language.

Social inclusion EN and Social inclusion SK

Floorball – ANJ and Floorball – SVK



The floorball glossary done

One of the FITS results is a multilingual glossary of the sport terminology in  English, Polish, Bulgarian and Slovak language and some part is  already prepared.

glossary floorball

Приобщаване чрез спорт

Спортът, като възможност за учениците да се развиват не само физически, но и да се учат да работят в екип, да намират нови приятели и да откриват нови хоризонти. Това са част от целите на европейския образователен проект, които професионална техническа гимназия „Никола Йонков Вапцаров“ реализира в партньорство с училища от Словакия и Полша. Днес учениците, участващи в инициативата, представиха пред своите съученици идеята и целите на проекта, както и първата си визита в Словакия.

PRO SCHOLARIS welcomes the president of Žilina self-governing region

On Tuesday 5, 2018 there was held a meeting of the students of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS with the president of Žilina self-governing region, Ing. Erika Jurinová.

At the beginning of the meeting, one of the teachers introduced the school, its study programmes, after-school activities and also the European projects Erasmus+ in which this school has been participating successfully for several years.

Later on, Ing. Erika Jurinová was talking about her political career in Slovakia and about her function in the regional policy. She explained the  main goals of the development of Žilina self-governing region in the following years. The president gave a presentation about her plans in the social field, different ways of social inclusion and also about helping socially disabled and handicaped people. At the end of the meeting she was trying to answer the students´ questions.

We would like to thank Ing. Erika Jurinová for visiting our school and having a very interesting discussion with us. We wish her to achieve all her goals while helping to fulfill the needs of the people in the region of Žilina.



FITS Day in ZSO, Nidzica!!!!

During this great day students from Polish FITS team had a chance to present FITS project not only to the rest of our school community but also to the invited guests: students and teachers from schools from Nidzica and neighbouring villages, local authorities, etc. We explained what the project is about, showed some videos and pictures, handed FITS leaflets around. We also invited everyone to play some unihockey!!