Slovak lesson plans – cheerleading

The Slovak partner has created the lesson plan focused on Cheerleading and it was implementated in the school curriculum of Animation activities.

Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – ANJ Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – SVK PPT_Cheerleading_L1_ANJ PPT_Cheerleading_L1_SVK

Sports, Communication, Friendship, Physical Activity – lesson plans of Bulgarian partner.

Lesson plans created in two languages, English and Bulgarian, which are to help teachers all over Europe to promote physical activity among students, to help them communicate, avoid conflicts, understand others.

Let’s do sports together.

Sport as a way of communiaction.

Let’s dance bg. Lesson plan by bulgaria.

Let’s dance eng. lesson plan by Bulgaria

Let’s do sports together bg lesson plan.

Friendship and Communication – lesson plans.

Let’s play Floor Hockey! – PE lesson plan in English and Polish!

Physical Education plan created in two languages: English and Polish.

Subject: Let’s play floor hockey!

Objectives  of this Physical Eduaction lesson are to mare students practice speed, works on strenghtening their arms and legs, improves their edurance, agility and motor coordination. After the lesson students will know basics and rules of floor hockey, they will know how to properly pass the puck, shoot, receive, dribble, play one-on-one and play as part of a team.


Let’s play hockey!

Zagrajmy w hokeja!

All Different, All Equal! – lesson plan in English and Polish!

Form lesson plan for secondary school.

Subject: All different, all equal.

Objectives of this lesson are to teach students what prejudice and stereotype mean, where they come from and how they work; to make them aware of the effects that prejudices and lack of tolerance can cause. After the lesson students will know better what social exclusion is and they will find out that it is wrong to generalise and that, although we are all different, we are all equally important.


Lesson plan was created in two languages: English (All different, all equal) and Polish (Każdy inny, wszyscy równi).

All different all equal

Każdy inny wszyscy równi