Slovak lesson plans – cheerleading

The Slovak partner has created the lesson plan focused on Cheerleading and it was implementated in the school curriculum of Animation activities.

Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – ANJ Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – SVK PPT_Cheerleading_L1_ANJ PPT_Cheerleading_L1_SVK

Slovak poster

The poster shows how great the Erasmus + is. The international meeting „Everyone Can Play! – Hockey took place in Žilina in January 2018. After presentations of the countries, regions, towns and schools the international teams took part in a number of teambuilding activities. The students could visit HK Dukla Trenčín and meet a profesional hockey players.  Students and teachers attended  a live ice-hockey match, they also took part in workshops on how to play floorball and all the students played matches between mixed international teams. And for now we are looking forward to Bulgaria, because  Everyone can do it – dance!

Slovak FITS in video

Soon we will join the next project meeting in Bulgaria… but for now we can live from some of the FITS memories 🙂

Summer sports camp Twistovo!

In collaboration with a Private Free-time Centre Mojš, a summer sports camp was held 19-24.08.2018, in Oliwa Twistovo Resort in Trenčianske Teplice. All the activities were  focused on sport, competitions and primarily on active way of spending  free time. The main objective of the collaboration was to improve sport skills and knowledge of rules of various sport games and also to create a positive atmosphere, solidarity and tolerance among different participants.


Pro scholaris had its FITS Day in Žilina.

On Monday 28th of May 2018 there was held a FITS day of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS in cultural centre Stanica Záriečie. During this unforgettable day students from the school´s FITS team had a chance to present FITS project not only to the rest of their schoolmates but also to the the public and primary schools in Žilina. The school project manager explained what the project is and the students Sára Zátekova, the floorball national team member, and also Šimon Lopušan and Nikola Nemčeková, the professional hockey players, described the world of hockey and floorball to the invited guests.  We also played a group competition. It consisted of three disciplines – kahoot quiz about floorball and hockey and the last one was the floorball match. The participants could win interesting prizes and took beautiful memories.


LTT event: Everyone Can Play! – Floor Hockey

Learning/Teaching /Training event– short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Slovakia (January 2018); Read more


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