LTT event: Everyone Can Do It! – Modern dance and cheerleadin

Learning/Teaching/Training event – short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Bulgaria (November 2018);

Subject: Everyone Can Do It! – Modern dance and cheerleading. 

During the third LTT event students ( especially those suffering from various kinds of exclusion) and teachers will participate in ice-breaking teambuilding activities. They will take part in presentations, interactive tutorials, workshops and training sessions in order to learn the basics of modern dance (e.g. breakdance) and cheerleading. They will put the knowledge they gained into practice by creating choreography for their own performances and presenting them to bigger audience. Students will also create their own instructional videos for their peers. Students will discover the benefits of increasing their physical activity and social involvement. Teachers will share good practices and develop teaching materials that will help them to integrate social inclusion through sports in school curriculum and after-school classes.

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