Digital Sport Guidebook: Rugby.

Have you ever considered playing rugby? This great sport is still relatively unknown in the Central and Eastern Europe. However, members of FITS Erasmus+ project had the opportunity to learn and practice it and, with this Guidebook, are hoping to pass on their knowledge to everyone interested in trying their hand at rugby. The first part of this chapter introduces the basics of gameplay in rugby (the “tag”, non-contact version) – the proper grip, passing technique, basic rules of scoring points and defending. The second part shows different types of individual and group warm-up exercises. The third part presents rugby-specific training drills. This chapter of the Guidebook was prepared by students and teachers of three partner schools (from Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria), under the tutelage and supervision of the players and instructors from Rugby Team Olsztyn. The film was shot during the 3rd Learning, Teaching, Training Event in Nidzica, Poland.

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