Floorball and rugby workshops with students from Hristo Botev Primary School.

On June 22nd, 2019, PGD students visited Hristo Botev Primary School, Mezdra. There, students of the seventh and eighth grades showed young people the basic rules of the games of floorball and rugby, told them about the FITS project and the mobilities in Poland and Slovakia. The young students were intrigued and actively involved in training and learning. So the fans of our project have grown and are no longer only from our city.



Report after TPM in Bulgaria.

This is the final report after 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Vratsa, Bulgaria. It contains meeting’s objectives, names of the participants, agenda of the meeting and minutes from the coordinators’ meetings.


TPM in Bulgaria Final Report

Cheerleading Tutorial.

Would you like to become a cheerleader? Then you should watch this video 🙂

The second chapter of our digital Sports Guidebook will introduce you to some cheerleading dance moves 🙂

This is an easy cheer dance tutorial where you will learn beginning cheerleading dance moves, like e.g. simple steps, crossed steps, High-V approach, etc. You will also learn techniques of dancing with a baton or pompons 🙂

The Guidebook was created by students and teachers of three parnter schools, from Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The films were shot during Learning Teaching Training Event in Vratsa, Bulgaria. Enjoy it!



FITS Day in „N.Y.Vaptsarov” Vocational High School 2019.

On 22nd May 2019  we organized a big sports holiday – FITS and Sports Day. The participants were more than 100, aged 5 to 55 years. The smallest participant was Kaloyan Papov. We played and practiced several different sports: rugby, basketball, streetfitness, football, relay, table tennis, volleyball, cheerleading. The culmination of the fеst was the mini-tournament in floorball, in which 4 teams participated. The sporting celebration lasted for several hours, everyone was active and laughing, and had a lot of fun.

Rugby trainings in our school in Vratsa!

After the mobility in Poland, in April 2019 the participating students showed the basic rules and conducted rugby trainings for their peers.

Post-LTT meeting in Vratsa!

After the LTT in Nidzica Bulgarian participants presented the meeting, what they had learned and their memories to their peers.

Cheerleading practices at ZSO!

Cheerleading Team from Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących is hard at work, practising their cheer routine!


Slovak lesson plans – cheerleading

The Slovak partner has created the lesson plan focused on Cheerleading and it was implementated in the school curriculum of Animation activities.

Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – ANJ Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Cheerleading – SVK PPT_Cheerleading_L1_ANJ PPT_Cheerleading_L1_SVK

Sports, Communication, Friendship, Physical Activity – lesson plans of Bulgarian partner.

Lesson plans created in two languages, English and Bulgarian, which are to help teachers all over Europe to promote physical activity among students, to help them communicate, avoid conflicts, understand others.

Let’s do sports together.

Sport as a way of communiaction.

Let’s dance bg. Lesson plan by bulgaria.

Let’s dance eng. lesson plan by Bulgaria

Let’s do sports together bg lesson plan.

Friendship and Communication – lesson plans.

Christmas Cheerleading show in Vratsa!

Our cheerleaders presented their routine during our school’s Christmas show 🙂