TPM in Zilina – posters! :)

During First TPM the coordinator of all partner countries spent a very busy time confirming the detailed schedule of the project, task distribution, project outcomes; establishing specific criteria for selecting participants in the project; deciding on deadlines for project outcomes and outputs; assessing the initial indicators of achievement (qualitative and quantitative), and establishing the acceptance criteria for all of them. And of course we got to know each other better and we learned a lot abot Slovak culture and history.

W ZSO startuje kolejny projekt w ramach programu Erasmus+

W dniach 8-11 października,  w miejscowości Żylina na Słowacji, miało miejsce pierwsze międzynarodowe spotkanie projektowe w ramach dwuletniego projektu programu Erasmus+ „Ułatwianie integracji przez sport” (Facilitating Inclusion Through Sports). Read more

Учители от ПТГ „Н. Й. Вапцаров“ посетиха Словакия по проект

От 7 до 11 октомври 2017 г. в град Жилина, Словакия учители от ПТГ ,,Н.Й.Вапцаров“ -Враца участваха в транснационална среща по проект ,,Еразъм+“. Училището бе представено от директора инж. Ирма Емилиянова и Ивайло Папов – координатор на проекта. Read more


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