Plán vyučovacej hodiny - Ragby - SVK

The Slovak partner has created the lesson plan focused on rugby and it was implementated in the school curriculum of Animation activities and Physical education.

Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Ragby – SVK Plán vyučovacej hodiny – Rugby- ANJ PPT_Ragby_L1_SVK PPT_Rugby_L1_ANJ


Digital Sport Guidebook: Rugby.

Have you ever considered playing rugby? This great sport is still relatively unknown in the Central and Eastern Europe. However, members of FITS Erasmus+ project had the opportunity to learn and practice it and, with this Guidebook, are hoping to pass on their knowledge to everyone interested in trying their hand at rugby. The first part of this chapter introduces the basics of gameplay in rugby (the “tag”, non-contact version) – the proper grip, passing technique, basic rules of scoring points and defending. The second part shows different types of individual and group warm-up exercises. The third part presents rugby-specific training drills. This chapter of the Guidebook was prepared by students and teachers of three partner schools (from Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria), under the tutelage and supervision of the players and instructors from Rugby Team Olsztyn. The film was shot during the 3rd Learning, Teaching, Training Event in Nidzica, Poland.

More photos – 4th TT event.

Wonderful week, wonderful cooperation, wonderful project!

4th LTT event in Nidzica, day by day.

Day 1.

4th LTT event, “Everyone can play – Rugby”, has just started. The first day was really eventful. It started with Rugby training. FITS participants from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia spent three hours getting to know the sport under the supervision of professional coaches from Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby and Rugby Team Olsztyn. Everyone learned a lot, but also had plenty of fun! While most of the students were training rugby, some of our FITS members practised another FITS sport – cheerleading. They were working on a choreography which will be presented during the Final Event on Friday. After the training, all the participants took part in The Amazing Race. In international teams they had to deal with series of various tasks all around the town, e.g. counting the steps leading to the castle or taking “selfies” wearing medieval costumes.

Day 2.

On 25th March our FITS students continued their rugby training with @Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby and @Rugby Team Olsztyn. The workshop was led by Przemysław Andrzejewski, Jarosław Kowalski, Michał Senkbeil and Henryk Pach. Today, apart from drills and techniques, they had a chance to play scrimmages in mixed teams. The cheerleading team also continued practising their cheer routine.In the afternoon all the participants gathered to watch a sports-themed movie about overcoming adversities. It was a nice, relaxing way to spend some time together.

Day 3.

3rd day of the mobility we spent in Warsaw getting to know history and culture of the Polish host. The visit started with a stroll around the Old Town, learning the history of the capital city and its most famous landmarks. Foreign guests could also taste typical Polish cuisine. Next we went to The National Stadium PGE Narodowy where we took part in a guided tour that included visiting the stands, locker rooms, physiotherapy suites and media rooms of this huge, impressive sports venue.

Day 4.

Wednesday, 27th March, was another day devoted to rugby trainings – this time mostly in the form of various competitions between 3 mixed teams. They played scrimmages, “10 passes”, “noughts and crosses” and “basketball rugby”. At the end, the winner of the tournament was the “Green Team”, comprised mostly of girls! The tournament MVP was Sára Záteková, who received an award from the coaches – a rugby ball!
Meanwhile, the cheerleading team continued practising their routine in time for our Final Event on Friday. All in all, another challenging (but fun!) day!

Day 5.

On the next-to-last day of our mobility, Thursday 28th March, we began with a guided tour of Olsztyn’s greatest attractions: The Old Town and its monuments, the Castle with its artefacts from the life and work of Nicolaus Copernicus, and the city beach of Lake Ukiel. The afternoon was spent in the recreational centre “Aquasfera”, where project participants could use its many water facilities.

Day 6.

The last day of the mobility was a very important one. The Final Event took place. It was the dissemination event summarising the whole project. Fits students and teachers  could present everything they have learnt since the project started. It took place in our local Sports Centre. Around 300 hundred guests came to take part in it. Among them there were students from local schools, local authorities such as Deputy of The County Office, Mr Paweł Przybyłek, Head of The Local Education Department, Ms Jolanta Tymińska, as well as Member of Polish Parliament, and former professional volleyball player – representative of Polish National Volleyball Team, Mr Paweł Papke. We started with describing the project and Erasmus+ program, next three FITS sports were presented by project participants: floor hockey, cheerleading and rugby. All the rules were explained, drills, techniques and figures were presented. Invited guests had a chance to perform the drills, play short scrimmages, take part in various tasks and competitions. Finaly, they were awarded for their effort and engagement. The day ended with Certificate Ceremony for FITS participants.

TAG Rugby at P.E. lessons in ZSO Nidzica!

We are introducing TAG Rugby on P.E. lessons in ZSO Nidzica!

P.E. Teacher and certified Rugby Instructor, Mr Krzysztof Łasiewicki, began introducing non-contact, TAG version of rugby to our students. Young people learned basic rules and regulations of the game, the types of gameplay and basic drills and techniques. Now they will be practicing their skills and flow of the game on the lessons. We thank @Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby for their help!



Introducing rugby trainings in ZSO!

We are introducing rugby trainings at ZSO Nidzica! On 19.02 and 21.02 Polish FITS team, supervised by Mr Krzysztof Łasiewicki, participated in rugby training leds by Warmińsko-Mazurski Okręgowy Związek Rugby and Rugby Team Olsztyn. Everyone learned a lot, but also had plenty of fun!

LTT event: Everyone Can Play – Rugby

Learning/Teaching/Training event – short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Poland (March 2019); Read more


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