LTT event for teachers day by day! Nidzica, 14 -17.06.2018

14.06.2018 (Thursday).

Our Learning/Teaching/Training Event for Teachers in Nidzica begins! 6 guest teachers from Bulgaria and Slovakia, as well as participating teachers from Poland started the day by taking part in a lecture led by Krzysztof Łasiewicki, a teacher of Physical Education and ICT from Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica. The lecture regarded the use of modern technology (such as mobile apps, video-editing and publishing software, geocaching or wearable fitness gadgets) to make Physical Education lessons and physical activity in general more attractive and engaging for the students, for whom technology is an indispensable part of everyday life.

In the evening teachers participated in a guided tour of the castle in Nidzica and enjoyed a ceremonial dinner on the cattle grounds.


15.06.2018 (Friday).

The day started with the lecture/workshop  „Social competences – why they are important when it comes to sport?” led by a guest lecturer from University of Warmia and Masuria, Dr Martyna Kotyśko. During the lecture, participants became familiarized with the idea of basic social competences, such as interpersonal communication, assertiveness, ability to cooperate in a group, and how such competences can be learned and developed, especially in the context of sport.  During the workshop, the teachers practiced better communication techniques, examples of assertive behaviour, roleplayed various roles functioning in a group or team –  all that in order to understand the importance of developing social competences in relation to counteracting social exclusion and helping young people to develop them.

In the afternoon participants of the LTT took part in a teambuilding activity – a canoeing trip down the Łyna river, ending their adventure in the centre of Olsztyn and having the opportunity to sightsee some of the city’s historic Old Town.

16.06.2018 (Saturday).

In the morning meeting participants took part in lecture/workshop “The road is not always easy – a few words about goal setting, motivation and self-confidence”. During the workshop participants improved their knowledge about motivation, learned how to set goals and practice correct goal setting, identify obstacles in achieving the goal, determine their source and new ways of acting in the face of difficulties. Teachers took part in exercises that showed them how to work with their pupils to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, raise their self-confidence and self-esteem and help them create positive affirmations of themselves. The lecture/workshop was presented by Dr Martyna Kotyśko, a psychologist from University of Warmia and Masuria. 

In the afternoon, keeping in line with the theme of physical activity, teachers spent time in a local Park of Active Entertainment “Bartbo”, where they participated in a wide range of activities such as traversing ropes courses or zorbing., which proved to be both exciting and challenging.

17.06.2018 (Sunday).

On the last day of the LTT event its participants went to Warsaw, where they had the opportunity to sightsee the Old Town, Royal Route and the Royal Castle. Afterwards, the group took part in a guided tour of the National Stadium PGE Narodowy that included visiting the stands (together with guest lounges), lockerrooms, physiotherapy suites and media rooms of this impressive (and the biggest in Poland) sports venue.