Summer dissemination activities of Pro scholaris

The cooperation with citizens association ŠK Juventa Žilina resulted in the second annual event called Viacboj všestrannosti (Multi-event competition of universality) on 8th of June 2019. FITS participants took part in different sports events not only as competitors but also as organizers. We involved around 300 children and their parents from the city of Žilina and its vicinity. In collaboration with a Private free time centre Mojš the students participating in project FITS prepared a summer Sport Camp held in Oliwa Twistovo Resort in Trenčianske Teplice that took place from 18th to 24th of August 2019. All the activities weree focused on sport, competitions and primarily on the active ays of spending free time. The main objective of the collaboration was to improve sports skills and knowledge of rules of various sports games and also to create a positive atmosphere, solidarity and tolerance among different participants. 6 students from Pro scholaris and 30 members of Private free time centre Mojš participated in the event.

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